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So you’ve heard about the Thai lottery yet never knew how it functioned? Here’s your conclusive manual for the Thai government lottery, what the real prizes are, and how to guarantee them.

I am an expat living in Phuket and pondering what is the arrangement with the Thai lottery. Would you be able to disclose to me the guidelines for Thai lottery? Would anyone be able to purchase a lottery ticket, including outsiders? Where would i be able to purchase a ticket and who is permitted to sell them. Do I need demonstrate in the event that I win, and where do I guarantee my prize?

It was accounted for a year ago that GLO rejected big stake prizes for getting right six digits as well as two extra ones. This reward prize could bring a fortunate individual some B20-30 million rather than B4-6 million. Have these prizes truly been dropped?

Additionally, there used to be two kinds of Thai lottery tickets: Thai Government Lottery (TGL) and Thai Charity Lottery (TCL) tickets. TGL tickets had a first prize of B2 million and a reward prize of B30 million, while TCL tickets had a first prize of B3 million, a reward prize of B22 million.

However at this point I can see just one kind of ticket accessible available to be purchased. Would you be able to explain what sorts of tickets are offered now? .Yes It happen that you can win a Thai Lottery Result Today Live For 16-05-2019 and get a prize.

Any individual, Thai or remote, of in any event 20 years old can play and win prizes in the Thai government lottery.

This year we have not held a Thai Charity Lottery yet. The Thai Charity Lottery is an “exceptional task” lottery propelled each time for a particular philanthropy under unique pastoral endorsement.

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The last one finished a year ago, thus far we have not had another this year. At the point when the Ministry of Finance orders us to hold another, we will make an open declaration. For the Thai Government Lottery, there are two draws every month, with the outcomes declared on the first and sixteenth of consistently. Prizes must be asserted inside two years of the draw

We are currently taking a shot at posting all subtleties of all merchants in Thailand, including where every seller sells their tickets, on our site. Kindly check site for when that ends up accessible.

Any individual can really sell the tickets for the benefit of an enlisted seller, however typically enrolled merchants issue their subvendors with duplicates of the official ID card to enable them to sell lottery tickets.

On the off chance that you have a questions or feel great purchasing a ticket from a specific seller, you can generally pick another merchant or check the tickets they are selling all around cautiously to ensure they are real.

Every lottery ticket includes a six-digit number. To dissuade individuals from printing fake lottery tickets, the tickets are imprinted on extraordinary yellow, slender, smooth paper and highlight a two-tone watermark of a legendary feathered creature called a Wayupak in Thai. Likewise, there are two kinds of silk string in the paper. One can be seen with the unaided eye, the other can be seen uniquely under ultra-violet light.

Further, the paper is covered with synthetic concoctions. To test the paper, drops of dye will show stains. Without the uncommon synthetic compounds, the paper won’t demonstrate any smudges or stains.

Kindly note that the primary picture imprinted in ordinary ink changes for every lottery draw. For instance, lottery tickets for the August 16 draw highlight a picture of Phra Pharuehatsabodi to observe Thai ‘Khon’ veils as utilized in the Phi Ta Khon Festival held in Loei region consistently. If it’s not too much trouble check our site to perceive what the pictures are for the following up and coming lottery attracts to ensure the tickets you purchase are real.

We print tickets for a million numbers for every lottery. Most occasions we print five “sets” of each number, yet here and there we print six “sets” to expand the opportunity of winning greater prizes. The motivation behind why tickets are sold two by two is so the champ can “isolate” one portion of the pair and offer it as a prize with someone else.

First prize is B3 million for every ticket stub, subsequently with one “pair” you will win B6 million. The more “sets” you purchase, the more noteworthy the prize you will win. The equivalent applies for all prizes to be won.

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